Trackle Pond Manganese Removal Water Treatment Facility, Kingston, MA

Project: Trackle Pond Manganese Removal Water Treatment Facility
Location: Kingston, MA

The Town of Kingston voted to appropriate funds for the construction of the Manganese Removal Water Treatment Facility.  Manganese was at historically high levels in the Town of Kingston and far exceeded the established drinking water Secondary Maximum Contaminant Level for Manganese.

During Design Development, it was decided that pressure filtration with absorptive green media was the most cost effective treatment technology for the historical Manganese levels found at the Trackle Pond Well. After vigorous pilot testing, the final design was selected with the most cost-effective elements to achieve success.

P3 will oversee the project through the close-out and commissioning of the building.  The project is currently in construction and is on schedule for substantial completion in June 2014.



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