City of Westfield GRP and EMS


What is GRP and EMS?

The Green Repair Program (GRP) is an initiative provided to cities and towns in Massachusetts with public school buildings that have an immediate need for repair or replacement of windows/doors, roofs, and/or boilers. This is a reimbursable program directed by the Massachusetts School Building Authority. The City of Westfield was invited into the program enabling them to complete the necessary repairs at the following schools:

  • Highland Elementary: Roof & Boiler Replacement
  • Southampton Elementary: Roof & Boiler Replacement
  • Westfield High School: Boiler Replacement
  • Westfield Vocational Technical High School: Roof, Window & Boiler Replacement
  • Paper Mill Elementary: Boiler Replacement
The Energy Management Services (EMS) are provided by companies in order to assist building owners in developing energy conscious and financially efficient facilities.  The programs offered by these specialized companies guarantee a savings to the building owner. If the guaranteed savings are not achieved, the EMS provider returns the shortfall.  The City of Westfield appropriated $17M for energy managed mechanical upgrades to building systems such as a high efficiency boilers, roof top unit ventilators and energy recovery controls, and electrical system upgrades at the following buildings:
  • Police Department: Boiler Replacement
  • Southampton Fire Department: Boiler Replacement
  • Western Ave Fire Dept Garage: Boiler Replacement
  • Westfield Area Head Start: HVAC Upgrades
  • Police Department: Roof Replacement
  • Fire Headquarters: Roof Replacement
  • Athenaeum Library: Chiller Replacement
  • Franklin School: Roof Replacement
  • Westfield High School: Lighting Upgrades
  • Westfield City Hall: A/C Installation


The coordination and combination of these two programs – GRP and EMS –  allows the City of Westfield to fully maximize the return on their investment while providing much needed repairs, improvements and upgrades to their Municipal buildings.

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