Holyoke Community Charter School – Holyoke, MA

Project: Addition/Renovation (In Construction)
Location: Holyoke, MA
Square Footage: 15,000

Holyoke Community Charter is in the process of changing from a K-8 to a K-12 grade configuration.   The original school houses 720 students and was converted from an abandoned shopping area.  The new addition is Holyoke’s first foray into the Chapter 149 procurement process for construction and the Designer Selection Board for their designer.

P3 guided the DSB process and our proximity to Boston helped shuttle the necessary documents back and forth to a successful outcome and a Designer that the School is very satisfied with.    Holyoke is one of our greatest success stories, coming in at a construction cost of $159 per square foot, the lowest such cost in Massachusetts.

Pdeveloped a team and a schedule to get the new addition open on time September of 2014.




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